Polymer Clay, Precious Metal Clay and Beading Instructional Videos
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John Winter
John Winter has been making glass beads for 14 years, following a weekend class in West Virginia. The ancient tradition of glass, as well as the magical qualities of light serve as inspirational sources for the artist.His work has appeared in Bead and Button, Lapidary Journal, Beadwork, Wire Artist, Jeweller and Glass Crafts Magazines, as well as Cindy Jenkin's book, Beads of Glass.
His approach to beadmaking is somewhat flippant; his philosophy is "try it...if it doesn't work, you'll probably heal."Seriously, his approach is experimental, and he feels we learn more from mistakes than from doing it 'right'.

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Glass Beadmaking with John Winter
The centuries old craft of glass beadmaking becomes yours with the help of beadmaker John Winter. Simple bead shapes, pulling stringer, the paint brush of bead making and simple decorative techniques such as “goobering” and “symatrizing” are demonstrated in this lighthearted video. These basic techniques are offered as suggestions for exploration on the way to developing your own unique style. A gallery of other artists beads is included for your inspirational pleasure.

Runtime: 119 Mins
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Glass Beads in Concert with Metals with John Winter
Metal leafs and wires can make major differences in the appearance of your bead. Beadmaker John Winter shares his expertise in copper, silver, gold and palladium as well as pixie dust and reduction frits. Oxidation, reduction, casing and fuming are covered as well as John's ideas on creativity and originality. Advanced techniques such as "gooberizing" and "symetrizing" are also shown. This lighthearted but focused video offers suggestions and techniques to be use as points of departure for your explorations in originality. A gallery of artist made beads is included to spark your imagination.

Runtime: 89 Mins