Polymer Clay, Precious Metal Clay and Beading Instructional Videos
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Judith Skinner
Judith Skinner has been working with polymer clay since 1995. Her first career was in computer software engineering where she applied her creative side to advance her technical work. In 1999 Judith left the world of computer software to devote her time to more artistic adventures, primarily polymer clay, quilting, and needlework, and now uses her problem solving skills to enhance her art.
She and her husband have retired in Prescott, Arizona. That is, unless they are in their mountain cabin in Utah, or on 'just one more' consulting gig, somewhere back in the world of high-tech.

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Cutting Guide
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Log Cabin Pattern Template

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Precision Caning
Create a cane in a classic quilt pattern with polymer clay while learning Judith's techniques for precision caning. Use Judith's now famous "Skinner Blend" for color selection. Then use simple measurements to create a standard log cabin quilt pattern cane. Next, cut and recombine the canes in classic quilt patterns. Finally, explore ideas for using slices from the quilt canes to create pieces of jewelry.

Run Time: 1 Hr 28 Mins